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I have been reading Mark 12:1-10.  For many years I didn’t understand parables at all.  They were just stories in the Bible.  Lately however, God has been giving me revelation about some of them.  Mark 12:1-10 is about the man who planted the vineyard and then went away, but there is more to it.  “A certain man planted a vineyard, and set a hedge around it”…  God planted the people in the land of Israel.  This was the land that He gave to them, to be their possession forever.  God also placed a hedge around the land and the people because they were His own, chosen people, because  of the covenant He had made with Abraham.  The hedge  of fear and might was for protection because right from the start the People of Israel had many enemies. God also “dug a place for the winepress” for the fruit that would come.  Our Lord is very interested in fruit.   He has blessed us in many ways and enabled us to produce fruit in His name.  Then the Lord built a tower.  I believe this tower was also for protection, as the vineyard could be guarded from the tower.  Also, the people could survey the mighty works of God from the tower.  At this point God “leased the vineyard to a vinedresser”, who would manage the vineyard.  After taking Israel to their land, providing everything they would need, from the potential of food to protection, I believe the Lord stepped back to see what they would do with all the blessing He had given them.  Although His hand was still involved in their lives and protection, He gave them free will to choose what they would do with this land.  Would they obey the laws He had given them.  Would they honor Him as the One God?

Periodically , God sent servants, (prophets), to advise and teach the people about His will.  But the people wanted none of this revelation from the prophets, so they beat and mistreated them, and sent them away.  They would not be told what to do even by God.  Over the years, God sent many prophets to advise the people, but they were all treated badly, and some even killed.

Finally, God decided to send His Son.  “Surly they will respect My own Son”, (vs 6)   But the vinedresser and his associates (the priests, the pharisees and scribes, the powerful people), were afraid for their positions.  Jesus was a true threat to them because He had such authority from Heaven and with the people.  Jesus was their ‘worst nightmare.  He came on the scene doing miracles and blessing the people wherever He went.  The pharisees had to get rid of Him before all power and authority was taken out of their hands.  And so they mistreated and crucified the Son of God, thinking they would be able to continue on with their own agenda.

(vs 9) What therefore shall the Lord of the vineyard do?  He will come and destroy the vinedressers and will give the vineyard unto others, (faithful people who will take proper care of it).

Jesus came, made of a woman and legal on this earth, and gave the greatest sacrifice of all, His life; and after He ascended into Heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to teach us and to help develop His church.  I believe we are the new vinedressers of the world.  Jesus said, “I am the vine and you are the branches”.  As we abide in Him, as the branches abide so united and dependent upon the vine for all their nourishment and strength,  He will produce much good fruit in us.

But there is one last thing that we must remember.  Israel is still God’s special people and that land that He gave was forever.  He will not forget His covenant with them, and in the end, they will be saved.

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